Studio Isitra

My studio is located at Villa Isitra, Bloemendaal. I work with different glass techniques; stained glass, glass fusion (melting in the oven) and casting (poring of glass). I also use cold glass techniques like engraving and appliqué (gluing of glass). In addition to the glass work I love to make jewellery with (semi) precious stones and precious metals, sometimes using glass...



I work a lot in assignment. From scratch using the ideas clients bring to me or in cooperation with other artist, translating their work into glass. In addition I create time to make my own work which I show in occasional exhibitions and several (international) galleries.

I love what I do. To me the glass is magical, the jewellery mirrors of the soul with me being the blessed translator of all the inspiration that's coming my way.

Looking forward to meet you!

Reina Oversteegen - Studio Isitra - C. Schulzlaan 45 - 2061 PK - Bloemendaal